Spring Style System 2020 by Beth Roy

Spring Style System 2020

A list, a plan, and made-for-you outfit formulas, so you can #justgetdressed this Spring...easily.

I'm Beth, Your Personal Style Coach.

My Seasonal Style Systems provide you with the tools and step-by-step blueprint that I use with my one-on-one clients so that you too can create a fabulous and functional wardrobe you love. 

I'm no fashionista, and I've experienced my share of fashion ruts.  But after working with hundreds of women over the years, I've seen it all,  and I've learned the secret to simplifying the daily process of getting dressed so you can leverage your wardrobe and improve your life. 

B.Styled & #justgetdressed

What #justgetdressed really means and how the Style System can make it easier.

Sound Familiar?

👉You open your closet in the morning and feel overwhelmed or defeated by all the stuff in there.

👉And despite all the stuff, you still have no clue what to wear.

👉So you opt for the same “meh” outfits that make you feel just ok…or good enough. Or you stay in your "work out" clothes all day, even if you never actually work out. 🙋🏽‍♀️😜
Imagine if you opened your closet and felt calm and content and loved what you saw...an organized collection curated just for you. 😄👍

AND imagine if - before you even woke up -- you knew what you were going to wear? And you loved the look. 😄😍


This is what will happen with the Spring Style System. 👌

How it Works

✅Instant Access to the downloadable and printable Spring Style Checklist & Guide
Curated. Coordinated. Designed to mix and match.

✅An easy-to-follow format 
taking you step-by-step from Closet Cleanse --> to  Spring Style Checklist --> to Shopping Links --> to Outfit Creation...and more. All helping you use what you own in new and stylish ways.
Simplify. Cut the Clutter. Fewer options = Better choices.

✅Starting later in March, a daily outfit formula so you'll know what you’re wearing and can be dressed in about 3 minutes flat.  Looks can all be customized for your day - from casual at home to dressed-up at work.  I'll show you how!

✅A clickable catalog with shopping links and options for different body types, tastes, and budgets. The catalog is updated daily based on member needs and requests. 
Shopping with a list and a plan = fewer shopping mistakes and less wasted time and money.

On-line, Personal Support

Unlike other large programs with thousands of members and multiple program administrators, I take a very personalized approach to the service I provide. Some say it's by far the best part of the program. The Private Dressing Room - a  members-only Facebook Group is where women share ideas, give and receive advice and support - and have so much fun - and a lot of laughs. It's a very special community. Starts immediately and runs through May 1st. 

But wait! There's more!

Special new training on the 3 hot topics I get asked about most:
  1. Dressing your body shape.
  2. Accessorizing!
  3. Choosing the right shoes (that don't hurt!)

What They're Saying...

I just had to write and tell you that I think you have given me hours of my life back! I no longer spend hours sweating in my closet trying to figure out what to wear. And you've also saved me a fortune in impulsive, unwise purchase that just take up space in my closet. Thanks to you, I'm developing a fabulous wardrobe I love and I feel confident and fabulous when I #justgetdressed. Thank you, thank you!  
C. Manning
Beth's Style System has been a real game-changer for me, helping me change how I look and feel and present myself. 

 It has also  saved me a fortune in impulse, purchases.  I used to just buy, buy, buy thinking the new clothes would make me look more "in style" - but it just resulted in a mish-mash of stuff, and I would revert to same old boring looks.

 No more!
Since using the Style System, I have gained so much confidence in my style, and it has made my life so much easier - and better.  I rarely  leave the house these days without feeling put together and fabulous. 
Martie B.
I have tried several different capsule wardrobes and liked Beth's Style System  the best. First, it was much more flexible. With others, if I didn't care for the color or style of an item, I felt at a loss as to what to do. She does a great job of letting people to choose their own pieces while still making it easy to style the challenge outfits. I have also found other capsules either too casual or too professional for my business casual office environment. Beth captured the perfect mix for me.

Absolutely love the on-line catalog that makes comparing and shopping so easy. Also loved how engaged she is  with the Facebook page!
I would definitely do another challenge...would do this every season!
Sylvia S.


Who is the Style System for?

The B.Styled System can help anyone stuck in a style rut or in need of a style update. Our members include women of every age and stage of life:

  • BUSY PROFESSIONALS: who need to get up and out each morning with ease.
  • WOMEN WHO WORK FROM HOME: where it’s easy to get caught up in work and NOT #justgetdressed.
  • STAY-AT-HOME MOMS: who can also fall into the rut of yoga pants and hoodies...and pj's?
  • MIDDLE-AGERS: who aren’t sure what’s "in" but want to look stylish and modern while also feeling comfortable. 
  • EMPTY NESTERS: who finally have time again to focus on themselves and want a fresh look. 
Who this isn’t for:
  • High fashion-istas looking for runway style. Our focus is on everyday style and being on-trend, not trendy.
  • Anyone not willing to get out of your comfort zone or try new things.

Is this a Capsule Wardrobe?

The phrase has become a popular buzz word over time. A Capsule Wardrobe is a very specific collection of clothing that can be mix and matched together to maximize the number of outfits that can be created. At B.Styled we believe in starting with the Wardrobe Essentials  that are always in style. Then we add on trend seasonal pieces into the collection to keep your look up to date. My approach is a flexible one though, focusing on using what you already own and buying what makes sense for your individual needs. 

Can I wear the outfits to work or is it all casual?

All Outfit Formulas can be easily dressed up or down to accommodate your day or lifestyle. Product suggestions include both casual and business versions for each item.  

What retailers and sizes are included in the shopping catalogs?

We include items from a variety of online retailers at varying price points that work for every budget. Some popular retailers include Old Navy, Target, Loft, Banana Republic and Loft. You’re also welcome to shop for similar items at your favorite stores. Of course, I strongly encourage you to shop your closet first! Items are included for regular, petite, tall and plus. And if you need a specific recommendation, just ask and I will make suggestions! 

What if I don't like the colors in the collection?

Flexibility is the hallmark of the B.Styled System!    I make it as easy as possible to choose your own color palette by providing color coordination tips for each piece on the list.  I encourage you to choose the best colors for you. 

Hi. I'm Beth.

I'm the girlfriend who gets in your head and helps you find (or maintain) your sense of style -- without losing your mind.

Style doesn't have to be complicated and getting dressed shouldn't be stressful.  I'll help you simplify your wardrobe and create looks you love, easily.

More Style. Less Stuff. Smarter Shopping.